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      How to Wash Your Fibre Wig

      How to Wash Your Fibre Wig

      Hey KuzaBeauts,


      It's a rather common practice to not wash fiber/synthetic hair either because it's not human hair or because we don't want to get it ruined.  We might just use it and dump it when it seems tired.


      Well, you don't have to keep up with that practice anymore. Here are 7 easy steps to wash your fiber wig. You can thank us later


      Step 1.

      Use a wide-toothed comb or brush to gently remove any tangles from your wig. You can also use your fingers to do this. It's important that you start detangling from the tips, comb downwards and then work your way up to the roots with uttermost care. Keep using the same downward motion till it's very free.


      Step 2.

      Mix lukewarm water with shampoo and immerse the wig in a bowl or a sink. Swirl it gently and allow it soak for about 3 minutes.


      Step 3.

      After that, proceed to rinse the wig in tepid (lukewarm) water until you see the water running clear so as to avoid your hair looking matted or greased. Remember that the water should flow be from root to tip.


      Step 4.

      Now, it’s time to condition in order to make your wig soft and silky. Mix tepid water with a capful of conditioner and immerse the wig. Swirl it gently and allow the wig for about 5-10 minutes to soak up.


      Step 5.

      Gently remove your hair from the water and place on a towel. Pat out any excess water. 


      Step 6.

      Ensure that you do not twist, rub or heavily brush the wig whilst wet. gently comb into shape from crown to tips.


      Step 7.

      Allow to air dry on a wig stand.



      Hey KuzaBeauts,

      Ever wondered what the fuss about wearing a satin bonnet is?  Is it some sort of fashion statement or is it supposed to replace hair nets? Isn't it too extra? Too colorful?

      Trust me, at some point we've had these same questions but thankfully, we know better now and that's why we're going to hook you up with information about this so you can know better too.

      Have you ever imagined having perfect hair even after tossing and turning in bed— No tangling, no dryness? Well, it's one of the benefits of sleeping with a satin bonnet.

      Here are other reasons why wearing satin bonnets are beneficial to your hair:

      1) No more split ends

      Satin bonnets protect your hair from the dryness caused by friction
      between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials eg cotton. This friction/dryness is a major contributing factor of split ends.
      When your hair is protected from this dryness, you'll experience little to no breakage, thinning or tangling.

      2) Helps you spend less time prepping your hair when you have to go out.

      I'm sure there has been a time where you had to get out of bed earlier that you would have loved too just because you knew your hair would need some extra care in order for it to look great, so you woke up early not because you wanted to, but because you had to.
      Well, the good news is sleeping with a satin bonnet can help retain your hair’s style which means you can easily style your hair at night , sleep with the bonnet and wake up at the right time with the confidence that you don't have to start stressing over un-kinking your hair for it to look presentable as you go out.

      3) Preserves your curls

      Sleeping with a curly or wavy hair without any form of protection can make the hair end up in a serious mess. Satin bonnets help secure the shape of your curls and ensure they don't get frizzy. It also helps you preserve your style while eliminating the option of bumps and kinks.

      4) Keeps your hair moisturised

      Sleeping on a cotton bedsheet/pillow case (either with a hair net or with just your hair) is a major way to dry out your hair from root to tips. Why not use satin bonnets to keep your hair hydrated, moisturised and fresh?

      Ready to take your hair to the
      next level? Ready to start having happier and healthier hair? Hop on the Satin Bonnet train.