Shea butter is produced from the nuts of the Shea tree in Africa. Crude Shea butter is usually exacted using water with without chemicals added. it’s usually cream or greyish yellow in colour. Growing up in Nigeria, Shea butter was a solution for numerous skin and hair issues.  If you had a skin irritation or break our, Shea butter was usually the home remedy. Due to its anti-inflammatory constituents, it was quite effective with dealing with minor skin issues.

Shea butter is used as a base for the manufacture of medical ointments, hair and skin products. It is widely used during harmattan season in Nigeria to prevent the dryness of the skin. It is also effective for use in the dry winters in Canada. 

She butter is a god moisturizer and more importantly and good moisture sealant. 

Best way to apply Shea Butter on your skin

Shea butter is best applied right after you show and your skin is still moist with water. It acts a sealant, locking in the moisture to your skin. It leaves your skin well moisturized for a very long period of time. Moisturizing your skin and sealing it up with Shea butter prevents dryness and breakage of skin. It remains one of the best ways to care for your skin in the winters. If you live in Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon), Manitoba, Alberta or anywhere were you have very harsh winters, make sure you protect your skin with our Shea butter.

Best way to apply Shea butter to your hair

Moisturize your hair with water and a leave in conditioner. Leave the hair for a few minutes, allowing the hair to absorb the moisture. Afterwards apply Shea butter to seal in moisture.  This is a good daily routine to prevent dryness and hair breakage.  

Our Shea butter has been softened without the use of any chemicals, making it easily absorbable into hair and skin. It is 100% organic and safe for use for all ages.